Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Record TV Programmes With Your Video iPod

iLuv has announced its i182 video recording dock, which allows users to record real-time video content to a fifth-generation iPod or various media cards for playback in other devices.

See more details here.

Varier Movement Collection

"We are all created to move Рnot to sit still. Vari̬r chairs initiate movement and variation and inspires you to change your posture while seated. The chairs provide well-being for both your body and mind; they provide well-being through movement and variation."

For more interesting chairs check out their site. :)

From Windows 1.0 to Vista

It all begun like this:

Check out the history of Windows in images here.

Favicon collection

A favicon is the small icon that is displayed in the location bar of your browser or in your bookmarks on the left of a site name or adress. Its size is only 16 x 16 pixels which makes designing a good favicon quite a feat :)

So, if you need any inspiration on making your own, check out this guy's collection :)

Tabbed browsing not enough? Try split browsing :) (Firefox only)

Here's a little Firefox extension that allows you to split the browser window in two. Or three. Or as many parts as you like. You can even make your browser look like this if you think it suits you:

Get it from here.

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