Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Body Art

Click here for a lot more pics of painted bodies (be warned though, the vast majority of them are NSFW).

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Next-Gen Credit Card?

Just imagine, your next credit card could actually look like this:

Click here to find out more.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Buy Furniture Online

Is your daily life rhythm so alert that you never find the time to replace that old shabby furniture? You think you need new shelves but have no idea where to find some free delivery ones?

Well then, meet FurnitureFromHome :)

FurnitureFromHome is, as the title says, a site where you can choose and buy furniture online, from the comfort of your home, whenever you've got a bit of time to spare. There are many ways to browse the site: you can check out the new items category, the furniture on sale category, you can search by the room where you want to put the new furniture (bedroom, dining room, etc), by the category (sleigh beds, curio cabinets) or, my favorite, you can also search by color!

You can pay for your furniture via check or Paypal. Oh, and have I mentioned the shipping is totally free in all US? Assembling and clearing of debris is also included.

The site is very easy to use with warm shades of brown that make you think of (what else?) furniture and coziness. I have to say I have seen some interesting items there (check out the king beds section for example). The lifestyle suggestions and the furniture tips are also a nice touch.

Interested? Click here to visit the site (and check out the queen beds :) )

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Beautiful Slow Shutter Speed Pics

See all the pics by clicking here.
Some of them make me want to go buy a tripod :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

London Accommodation

London. Such a beautiful city, where the old mixes with the new. One of my favorite dream-about destinations. Just look at some pics:

Doesn't it look lovely?

If, like me, you're interested in visiting London then you'll probably need some London Accommodation suggestions too. Here is an interesting site: CheaperThanHotels.co.uk.

What do they have so special you may ask? First of all they guarantee the lowest prices around. They also have a very broad range of offers, from 1 star hotels to 5 star ones. I very much like the fact that they have a picture of each hotel so that people may get an idea what to expect (as you'll notice the vast majority of London hotels are impressively good-looking too :) ). Another advantage of this site is the fact that a lot of the hotels presented here also offer last minute options (in case you suddenly decide you want to spend a romantic weekend in London). If I'll also add that there are some discounts for groups of 11+ people and that the site also offers the possibility of renting a car through them you'll just have to agree it's a very useful site for people planning to travel. And did I mention there is also a newsletter you can subscribe to? It will keep you in touch with the newest hotel-related deals, possibly helping you save quite a few bucks in the future.

Only fault I can find this site is that the prices are only presented in pounds not also in US dollars and/or Euros (or is it that I didn't find that option?), however it's not such big a deal given that London is in England so you'll need some pounds to visit there anyway. :)

Have I raised your interest? Then what are you waiting for? Click to explore the site and make a reservation :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Xpango - win free gadgets!!

Are you good at getting referrals? Are you interested in subscribing to the latest offers? Do you dream about the latest gadgets? Well then, this site's for you!

Xpango uses a unique Credit system to reward our customers with Free Mobile Phones, Gaming Consoles & MP3 Players!

Each Gadget is received for Free in exchange for Credits which can be received from Xpango.
Credits can easily be gained by either (or a combination of) participating in Xpango Offers, Referring Friends, or by purchasing a Mobile Accessory / Clix Package.

What attracted me to this site in the first page is that the items cost incredibly few credits, I was expecting for a phone for example to cost at least a thousand credits. Instead you can get an iPhone 8 Gb with no more than 27 credits!! I find this amazing given that by signing up to their offers you can get as many as four credits at once. I have no idea as of yet how many credits they pay per referral however if you're talented at getting referrals it definitely cannot hurt :)

Click to get started.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Coral and Seashell Ornamented Temple

Click for a few more pics.

Amazing Brasilian Street Art

I'm very impressed at the abundance of ideas of this artist :)
Click here for a lot more works.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Do You Know The Names...?

Do you know the name of this?
Or this?

If you don't there's nothing to worry about as a lot of people tend to forget the names of some minor details. You just have to check out the following article though, both to refresh your memory and find out some new terms :)


Check Out the Nissan Pivo 2 Concept Car

Called the Pivo 2, the vehicle is an updated take on the same idea. The original concept was unabashedly designed for female drivers with a rotating cockpit to make reversing and parking easier, pedals with "plus" (throttle) and "minus" (brake) symbols on them so they could not be confused and transparent A- and C-pillars for better visibility. While perhaps thinking a bit too little of female driving ability, you had to hand it to Nissan for being innovative.

I remember reading about the Pivo 1 and being quite happy about the idea of the rotating cockpit that makes parking easier :) I like Pivo 2's design even more, it's so...round :P

Click here for more.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wonderful Gisele Bundchen Ads

I must say I know nothing at all about these ads but aren't they great? Click on them to enlarge.

Geeky Jewelery

The first one is my absolute favorite because it's actually useful (and wearing your USB stick around your neck is SO cliche). I like many of them though and some I would even wear (being the geek that I am LOL).

For a lot more pics and ideas click here.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Losing Weight with MyFitnessPal.com

This is a sponsored review.

How do you feel about diets? Do you afford do absolutely ignore them by having good genes or are they "the necessary evil" in your life? Well, if your answer is the former what can I say but that I envy you. If you're (like me) part of the latter crowd, read on.

You probably know by now how simple losing weight is in theory. The amount of calories you add to your system has to be less than the amount of calories spent. Here is where the food diaries (diaries where you carefully jot down your intake of calories) and the exercise come in. The diaries help you control your "calories in" while the exercise helps you burn more calories in order to maximize your "calories out" amount.

Here is where MyFitnessPal.com enters the stage. It is just the place for helping you lose weight in a healthy way. How does it do that? Well, for starters it offers you a free goals evaluation, where you enter the amount of weight you want to lose and other data and you get a list of "your fitness goals", the most important of these being how many calories should you add to your system daily and how many workouts you need per week in order to attain your goal. Very useful information. However it doesn't stop here. The site also offers you a calorie counter in order for you to know and keep an eye on your intake (remember the food diaries I was telling you about). The site also has an exercise log for you to monitor your calories lost and, not in the least, a forum where you can make friends and get some much needed support from people trying to lose weight just like you. You can also look at the reports to track your progress and thus get more motivated.

Just think about it. In this "Internet age", what better way to track your calorie intake than an online calorie counter? :)

Click here to see for yourself :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Search Engine That Pays You To Search

Yes there actually is such a thing (there may actually be more than this one now that I think about but I haven't heard about any of them - anyway, according to them, this is the very first one). How does it work? Very simple. You just create an account, log in, and then use it to search on the net whenever you need it. Be aware though that you don't get a set amount for every search or click but for your overall activity in a given month (btw that is the reason why your money only appear into your account once a month). You also get your money once a month, with no minimum limit needed. Here's what they have to say about it:

Payments, disbursed monthly through PayPal, are calculated based upon personal usage. In addition, by referring their friends, Zotspot users can add greatly to their pocketbooks or increase their donation to charities. Creating an account is quick and easy. All personal information is secure, and the data collected by Zotspot will never be sold or shared.

What are you waiting for? Click here to get an account :)

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