Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Image Conscious Phone

Welcome to the world of the Samsung G600 slim slider - the image conscious phone :)

What makes it more "image conscious" than other phones (besides its being black, slim and beautiful)? It has no less than a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and image stabilizer, which is quite a feat for a cellphone. The camera also has white balance, panorama capabilities and 4x digital zoom. After taking your pictures you can edit them using the phone's image editor and them print them directly either via Bluetooth or using Pictbridge. In case you're also into listening to music Samsung G600 also boasts a Video Player with MPEG4, MP3 Player and a music library.

Given that the slogan of the campaign around G600 is "Image conscious design for image conscious people", there is also a competition on the phone's website where people can vote for the most image conscious Queue Jumper (out of the 300 pictures in the gallery, pictures taken with the G600 in various clubs across the UK). There is also a Queue Jumper application poll on Facebook that you can fill in, giving yourself the chance of winning one of these image conscious mobiles.

The site also boasts with a "Top thirty guide to the most uber stylish clubs in the UK", which is a must for any self respecting club-goer :)

However even if you do not live in the UK and cannot enlist in the competition, you might still want to visit the site, at least to find out what the hype is about (especially as the site is rather image conscious too). :)

This is a sponsored post.

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