Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Want ringtones?

You probably know the value of a good ringtone by now: it both impresses people and makes your cell stand out in a crowd. All very well but where do I go to get ringtones, you may ask? Look no further. Check out Thumbplay :)

It's a site where... but I'd better let them explain what it's all about:

Personalize your phone with chart topping ringtones, hot pics, hilarious animations, and the latest games. It's fun and easy and you'll be the envy of all your friends!
Each month you'll get a refill of credits you can use to download cool stuff for your phone from Each credit is worth about $1.00, and you can use your credits to download any ringtone, game or wallpaper on our site! Unused credits at the end of the month can't be carried over to the next month so be sure and use all your credits. At the end of each month your subscription will automatically renew and your credits will be refilled. You can cancel anytime by sending a text message with the word "STOP" (without the quotation marks) to 48000.

Isn't this cool? They have a very up to date ringtone collection (videos, wallpapers and games too) where you can get almost any hit of the moment you might want. The formats available are poly and real and you can listen to a preview before downloading in order to make sure that's exactly what you want. Ringtones you choose are being sent to your phone via premium SMS messages or WAP Push. Once you downloaded a ringtone it will be added to your "locker", a place where you can re-download it anytime you want (in case you change your phone or accidentally delete the ringtone).

There is also a Thumbplay Community to be part of if you're into communities. You can create a profile, add friends, leave them comments and send them the photos you uploaded.

So, do you want ringtones? Do you also want videos, wallpapers, games for your cell and new friends on the side? All these are just a click away. :)

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